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Read about each of our specialised yeast, along with their products, specifications, packing information, uses and specialities.

Kothari's Sunrise Fresh Compressed Yeast

For Sweet Dough

For Lean Dough

Four Seasons 
Distiller's Instant Yeast 

SuperFast Instant Yeast


Four Seasons Instant Yeast

KF Instant Yeast

ADY (KF).jpg

Four Seasons Yeast Autolyzate Extract Powder

Sunrise Inactive Dried Yeast

KF Live Yeast Probiotic Feed Supplement

Features :

  • Gauranteed viable

  • Highly concentrated 

  • Research - Proven 

  • Convenient to use 

  • Easy handling storage 

  • Suitable for Pelleted feed 

  • Improves Feed Conversion ratio (FCR) 

  • Increases Live Stock ( weight , milk , fat & protein), poultry ( Eggs , Hatchability and weight ), studs ( breeding & stamina) 

  • Acquaculture ( weight , colour , health), pets ( hair & coat ).

KF - Yeast is productivity enhancer and probiotic feed supplement :

  • Natural high concentration of Live yeast minimum 10-10 cells/gm saccharomyces cerevisiae grown on sugarcane molasses

  • Stabilizes gas ammonia , Methane and PH in Ruminant 

  • Enhances VFA - acetate and propionate and utilization of lactate in Ruminant 

  • Improves enzymes secretion in the digestive track 

  • Increase rate of digestion and up take of fibre , protein fats and minerals 

  • Bio - Booster of various Vitamins 

  • Decreases harmful and pathogenic Bacteria 

  • Increases Symbiotic microflora population


Packing :

20 x 500 gm special vacuum pouches in 10 kg carton

2 x 5 kg special vacuum pouches in 10 kg carton

Uses :

KF- Yeast is most suitable probiotic feed supplement for ruminanat and monogastrotric animals

Poultry , Livestock ( cow , buffalo , goat , pig and sheep), horse , dog and cat , aqua culture ( fish , shrimp and pawn)

Speciality :

Sunrise Inactive Dried Yeast of specific requirements by the end user Industries is manufactured under hygienic , sterilized and clean enviorment to comply with acceptable microbiological standards.


Feeding level:

2000 gms or more/ton of feed , as recommended by Veterinarian

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KF Oligo Saccharide (MOS)

(Enriched Mannan & Glucan for feed supplement)

KF oligo saccharides are complex carbohydrates , which yield few monosaccharides on hydrolysis. These saccharides improve health & performance of monogastric animals like poultry and swine.

These are pre-biotic , stimulate the grams – positive micro organism in the intestine tract of animals.

Prevent adhesion of pathogens ( different pathogens) to the cell walls of intestine. Thus pathogen cannot cause disease.

Prevent the attachment of pathogenic bacteria to the gut villi means they checkcolonization of disease causing pathogens.

These saccharides Stimulate the immune system of the animal and thereby further reduce the risk of disease.

They decrease the concentration of solmoinella , E-coil , Clostridium , Campylobacter , Listeria and other gut pathogens.

They Bind Mycotoxin more effectively with Zeolites and silicates.

They complex carbohydrates (Gluco Mannans) Bind ochratoxin T-2 Toxins Zearalenone and Aflatoxins.


Dose :

1-2 Kg. Per MT. of feed or as recommended by veterinarian.


Packing :

25 Kg. HDPE Bags/Fibre Drums.

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Yeast Cell Wall - MOS

Cell Wall_edited.jpg

A primary grown yeast cell wall enriched with Manan Oligo-saccharides (28-30%) and Beta-Glucans (22-25%) which have strong thermal and chemical stability without any side effects.

It is widely used for its efficiency in binding undesirable bacteria absorbing mycotoxins. It maintains intestinal integrity by improving microflora in fish, shrimp, pet, poultry, birds and milking cows.

As a pre-biotic, it decreases the concentration of Salmonella, E-Coli, Coliforms and other gut pathogens.

Packing: 25 kg HDPE/Bag/Drum

Shelf Life: 12 months in cool dry storage

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